TOXINS – We all have them. What can you do? Part 1

TOXINS – Where & What Are They?

* How do our bodies get exposed to TOXINS?

There are basically 3 ways that we get exposed to exogenous toxins.

1 – FOOD & DRINK – mucous membranes on our insides ingest stuff via our food & drink [& breath].

2 – AIR that we breathe – our air quality in most places of the world is poor. Some places are better than others and the less populated & less human activity in a place, the better the air quality [usually].

3 – What we put on the outside of our bodies.
This is not just all our personal care, grooming & vanity products but also we can ingest toxins from clothing either due to their processing or their laundering.

There also are endogenous toxins.

Now I will add a 4th dimension to this – your mind!
The mind-body connection is real. So, if you have negativity for any reasons at all it can create toxins within the body as our thoughts can alter our body chemistry.
That is how chronic stress not getting support for negative life events can harm our health.
A 5th point on toxins is the metabolic processes create waste by-products which are toxic and that is part of the job of our detoxification organs to deal with them as well as the ones above. How well your body can do that will affect how healthy you can stay.

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Mother to two beautiful girls (both home birthed & home schooled), wife, Raw food (vegan) chef & coach, Permaculturalist, activist.
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