Springtime – New Beginnings

Hey there!

Too long since I popped in for a chat I know – I seem to find Facebook an easier medium and I address topics there in quite a brief way that does not suit blogging. I am working on trying to change my mindset on that!

That is one of my many “to dos”.

The one of the many others is rejigging my business & what is on my website.

Over the last few years there has been many changes in the industry. the internet is a very crowded marketplace if you are trying to sell anything – whether it be a physical product or information or service. So, as some of my wholesalers have stopped supplying, I have opted to deeply re-examine what my shop will offer in the way of health products. If there is something [one or more items] you are really interested in me keeping or getting then please do let me know!

On another front – I am expanding my health related services. I am Reiki I & Reiki II qualified and I am about to embark on both Reiki Masters and a Graduate Diploma in Wellbeing at RMIT in 2017. I am very excited and a little nervous!

I gave my husband the gift of doing the Reiki I training this year. In 2017 I will gift him Reiki II training. I highly recommend these short courses for someone who is in anyway interested in energy medicine.

I run a free Facebook group for Equinox Renewal:

There are at least two annual non-intensely coached sessions per year. I will also start trying to do similar around the solstices.

Feel free to give me constructive feedback and requests in the comments to this post. I really value trying to be collaborative. I want to offer what people want and need not just what i think they want and need.

Until next time,

Peace to all.

KISS for Life.



About mimb

Mother to two beautiful girls (both home birthed & home schooled), wife, Raw food (vegan) chef & coach, Permaculturalist, activist.
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