I decided to start a very personal blog on a separate account. It might appeal to some of you.


Well, this is not my first blog. But even so, I am not a master of the craft. I just wanted another space to write more general musings about life from my perspective.
Which brings me to more of the why. My perspective is very specific but also broad. You see, I suffer very badly with “Environmental Illnesses” – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Electromagnetic Radiation Hyper-Sensitivity. I am also a greenie and a trained Permaculturalist, I Home School my two daughters via Natural Learning and Unschooling and I am a nutrition student.
Currently, life is topsy turvy as my husband had a near fatal medical emergency 4 weeks ago. It required urgent major surgery. By far that Valentine’s Day has been my most stressful day ever.
Feel free to say hi below – I look forward to meeting you here in wordpress cyberspace!

Cheers from
The Natural…

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About mimb

Mother to two beautiful girls (both home birthed & home schooled), wife, Raw food (vegan) chef & coach, Permaculturalist, activist.
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