Easy Raw Organic Food as Medicine

Food is Nature’s Medicine.

I am reminded of this daily. I have to re-learn this lesson daily. Why? Because I am a human and I do not live by “natural laws” as do other (wild) animals – I am a domesticated (read “civilised” animal) creature.

So, in order to naturally keep myself reasonably healthy I have to earn a living so that I can afford organic & GMO free foods, herbs and spices. They are nature’s gift to all creatures to keep us healthy. I also need to know how to turn these foods, herbs and spices into juices, smoothies, reasonably healthy treats, and meals I will enjoy.

If I watch television or “surf the ‘net” I am likely to need strong will power to not buy and consume so called foods that are totally denatured and devoid of real nutrition. They look great, they taste even greater. But they slowly poison and kill me if I eat them every day or regularly. Add to that the fact that I do little or no exercise. When I do do exercise it is often mechanical – in a gym or I ride a bike maybe but never enough weight bearing exercise to make my bones and muscles truly strong and healthy.

Make a New Year’s Resolution (like every year) – lose weight and do more exercise.

Sound familiar?

Well, then come and do it for real this year!


“Recover & Rejuvenate” – my new training protocol for 2013 from someone who knows what this is all about and falls off the wagon too.

What do you get – 5 personal and personalised Lifestyle training sessions, via Skype, Facebook or email. The price is reduced compared to individual sessions.

Do yourself a favour now – let me empower you to be the best you can be – let 2013 be a major transition to a wonderful you.


I am here to help YOU.

Peace to all,

KISS for Life,


About mimb

Mother to two beautiful girls (both home birthed & home schooled), wife, Raw food (vegan) chef & coach, Permaculturalist, activist.
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