Petition | Please test 5G technology BEFORE it is rolled out — Stop Smart Meters Australia

A petition addressed to Australia’s Minister for Communications, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, calls for thorough and independent testing of 5G for potential long-term adverse health effects before this technology is rolled out in Australia. The petition points out that the health effect issue of 5G is potentially very controversial as the communications industry is […]

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You Know You’re A Zero Waster When… — Gippsland Unwrapped

21 well-intentioned, slightly amusing things zero wasters will get.

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Published: “Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People” — Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution

My article “Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People” is now available to read in the Special Issue on Ecopsychology and Environmental Sensitivities: Chemical, Electrical, and Beyond All the articles in the entire special issue will be available for free until Sept. 5 2017, which is unprecedented access! Please check them out and share as widely […]

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Bio-Effects presentation delivered to the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group — Stop Smart Meters Australia

Steve Weller (BSc and MORSAA), SSMA’s representative on the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG), continues in his relentless quest to inform Australian authorities of radiofrequency biological effect findings and issues. Steve delivered a condensed version of his presentation on bio-effects at the bi-annual meeting of EMERG, held in Melbourne on 25 May 2017. EMERG was […]

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Rebuilding Suburbs – Part 1

We live in South East Melbourne. It is equidistant [as the crow flies!] to most of Melbourne. BUT Melbourne is one of the most sprawled cities in the world. Most of that is to do with the “Great Australian Dream” – the family size house on a quarter acre block.

OK, well very few blocks actually are a quarter acre, but most of them used to be quite a significant size. A few suburbs did get some blocks of high density living, but not many. One thing Australia is not short of is space! The practicalities of that space is another issue entirely.

Back to “rebuilding”. So, a few years ago, the then State Government brought in new planning zones for areas that were considered “worthy”. The zoning is “mixed high density” and is for nominated “hubs” of new zones adjoining, in particular, railway stations. Another [bipartisan] policy they decided on was upgrading a number of railway lines where road crossings were plagued with issues such as congestion and or danger. That previous government had suggested 40-odd railway-road crossings would be removed.

This is a multi-billion dollar major project, the likes of which has never been undertaken  in Melbourne, considering the multi-suburban scope and impact. Funding was going to come from “selling” [a long term lease] of the Melbourne Port. Once all the crossings to be removed were identified, then the arduous task of deciding the order was undertaken.

Then we had a state election. The Government lost power. The new Government made some alterations to railway-road crossings list to be done. One of our two locals had been on the original list. We ten found out it would be fast-tracked and expanded to include the other two very nearby crossings. This was a total of three stations & their accompanying crossings in the one project. Massive! The public consultation started within months – as soon as the contract had been awarded. The project consortium was the same as the one doing the first project. [The first one was completed by the end of 2015 [functionally – the landscaping was still going on well into 2016.]

Some minor works at our local station started before any decisions on the type of [engineering] project it would be – a pedestrian crossing was installed at the actual crossing. The public was getting a “vote” on whether the railway would go over or under the road. The main consideration was the fact that all three stations were amidst local shopping strips. The traders wanted the railway dropped and so did many locals. We got what we asked for – but not all the way along the roughly 3-4 kilometres of rail line. We got a gentle roller coaster. And three upgraded/modernised stations.

One of the better parts of the design is a storage room – for bicycles!



I think this is a great idea. I also think the design and execution is wanting. While the room can take many more bikes than what was the previous station situation, I feel an opportunity was missed. What do you think? Here are some more photos of the bike cage.



These are night shots [while walking the dog, around 9.30pm]. I am unsure how well the facility is being utilised at this stage. I’ll do another article soon.

I hope someone with some feedback on the stations cares to comment.

Peace to all,

KISS for Life.


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Stepping into Spring

Oh my! There has been so much rain this September. It is how I remember the first month of spring when I was a child. So, that is one out of the two wettest months of the year out of the way. The other one is October. Hahahaha – it is shaping up to be a historically accurate weather pattern. Based on the old averages.

We are taking it in our stride – which possibly has not amounted to much the last two weeks – as we have all hod a horrid virus of epic proportion. The one “man-flu” sufferer in the household has been worst effected. Oh man-o-man, he finds these beasts [a virus] and brings it home to share.

Strategies abound for dealing with the symptoms of a virus. The one virus can hit you in any number of locations – singularly or multiple locations. Some people swear by “liver cleansing” with a strong citrus juice concoction that is heavy on the lemons. Other ingredients that can be very worthy are ginger, apple cider vinegar, garlic, echinacea, high doses of vitamin C. Bathing/soaking in clay – bentonite or zeolite – can help draw out the virus. My husband loves a hot & steamy shower when he is ill.

I was lucky [?] I was running my Equinox Detox at the same time as this ‘flu hit us. As a side effect I did not feel like eating but was more than happy to take in lots of fluids or very watered down smoothies.

Now we all have a hacking cough and husky voices that give out after a few words.

Bless you Spring!

Our Black Mulberry tree is “uber” loaded with immature fruit – we are so looking forward what has to be our most productive crop, followed by apricots and grapes. It looks like the possums have ruined any chance of cherries this year. Curly leaf is massive on the nectarine. the joys of Urban Farming.

We can’t wait for the railway project to finally complete – nearly two years of disruptions with the worst of it having been in the winter. They still have a large amount of regenerative work to do for the roads needing resurfacing and the massive plantings that need to undertaken.

You can barely go anywhere in Melbourne East or South East  as well as some parts of the north without being impacted by the project to do away with about 50 level crossings [4 are gone so far].

Progress stops for no man or woman or child?!

I will close out with a VERY Special Offer.

Prepay for 3 Reiki sessions for only $220. [A session is usually priced at $100.]
You can arrange this for yourself or a loved one or even a pet or your garden!

Peace to all,

KISS for life,


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Springtime – New Beginnings

Hey there!

Too long since I popped in for a chat I know – I seem to find Facebook an easier medium and I address topics there in quite a brief way that does not suit blogging. I am working on trying to change my mindset on that!

That is one of my many “to dos”.

The one of the many others is rejigging my business & what is on my website.

Over the last few years there has been many changes in the industry. the internet is a very crowded marketplace if you are trying to sell anything – whether it be a physical product or information or service. So, as some of my wholesalers have stopped supplying, I have opted to deeply re-examine what my shop will offer in the way of health products. If there is something [one or more items] you are really interested in me keeping or getting then please do let me know!

On another front – I am expanding my health related services. I am Reiki I & Reiki II qualified and I am about to embark on both Reiki Masters and a Graduate Diploma in Wellbeing at RMIT in 2017. I am very excited and a little nervous!

I gave my husband the gift of doing the Reiki I training this year. In 2017 I will gift him Reiki II training. I highly recommend these short courses for someone who is in anyway interested in energy medicine.

I run a free Facebook group for Equinox Renewal:

There are at least two annual non-intensely coached sessions per year. I will also start trying to do similar around the solstices.

Feel free to give me constructive feedback and requests in the comments to this post. I really value trying to be collaborative. I want to offer what people want and need not just what i think they want and need.

Until next time,

Peace to all.

KISS for Life.


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